25 Years of hands on experience in Telecom, I.T and data center products sourcing. Life time of contacts among  tier 1 to tier 5 enterprise customers.


Our clean glove approach to decommissioning means our technicians will complete your project efficiently, on-time, and under budget in accordance with your specific needs.

Our History

Mega Components 25 Years  history of working with the largest telecoms, utilities, data centers, and enterprises, we have the experience, insight and expertise to implement finest practices and world-class infrastructure that yield outstanding results.

Value Assesment

Whether rotating out off-lease equipment or utilizing full IT Asset Disposition services, we will return the maximum value to you, the client, for any equipment removed by Mega Components.

We are dedicated to protecting your data.

✔dedicated to protecting your data, including your clients’ data. Our secure chain of custody from the moment we take control of your equipment, through the transportation of equipment back to our facility, we also offers several levels of security once arriving, through data sanitization and/or physical hard drive destruction.

✔  All certified data destruction is performed by full-time, fully vetted Mega Components technicians, and is never outsourced, so you can be assured that your data is being handled safely and responsibly. Our process ensures that all retired assets from your organization are wiped clean of any and all information, virtually eliminating the risk of a costly data


We takes the effort out of global IT

 We help businesses get access to enterprise solutions on a global scale. We know that digital transformation and adoption of innovative technology is just as important for small and medium businesses as it is for enterprises, but it can be hard to get the treatment you need from big tech. It’s also a challenge to make your multi-vendor landscape in other countries, work like you need it to

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Mega Components sustain the green business and promotes the growth via social media.

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