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Juniper ACX7100 AC AO W/ 32 QSFP28/4 QSFP56-DD – ACX7100-32C-AC-AO




Cisco 8201 1RU SYSTEM W/ 8X400GE QSFP56-DD&24X100GE QSFP28 – 8201-24H8FH=



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Cisco 8000 Series routers

High-performance networking systems have historically been divided into routing or switching classes, with distinct hardware and software. Over time, this distinction has become less pronounced. This convergence has occurred with the evolution of feature-rich switching chips and routing chips that balance traditional Service Provider (SP)–class capabilities with many benefits of switching Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs).

Cisco® 8000 Series routers complete this journey. They deliver provider-class routing functionality at unmatched density, performance, and power. This enables Cisco 8000 Series to be deployed into an unprecedented range of routing roles – all supported with a single ASIC architecture and operating system – thus streamlining qualification, deployment, and operations.

The Cisco 8000 Series combines the revolutionary Cisco Silicon One, IOS XR® software, and a set of clean sheet chassis to deliver a breakthrough in high-performance routers. The 8000 Series comprises a full range of feature-rich, highly scalable, deep-buffered, on-chip High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) and 400 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE)-optimized routers ranging from 10.8 to 25.6 Tbps in a 1 RU footprint. It is also available in an industry leading, rack-mountable modular system capable of 518.4 Tbps of full-duplex, line rate forwarding.

The Cisco 8000 Series includes two distinct router architectures that both utilize the Cisco Silicon One ASICs. The 8800 Series provides the highest bandwidth via modular chassis with a redundant control plane and switch fabric. The 8800 Series includes the Cisco 8804, 8808, 8812, and 8818. These chassis deliver up to 28.8 Tbps per line card via 100, 400, and 2x400GbE (800G) ports.

The Cisco 8100 and 8200 Series utilize Cisco’s Router-on-Chip (RoC) architecture to deliver full routing functionality with a single ASIC per router. Both support the full routing feature set, but the 8200 has deep buffers and expanded forwarding tables, while the 8100 Series is targeted for data center applications with lower buffering and forwarding table scale requirements.

The RoC architecture is distinguished from System-on-Chip (SoC) switches by supporting large forwarding tables, deep buffers, more flexible packet operations, and enhanced programmability. The Cisco 8100 and 8200 provide up to 25.6 Tbps of network bandwidth with lower power than similar systems.

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